Customer Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your customer data with salestube's Customer Intelligence solutions. From CDP implementation to omnichannel marketing, we help you create personalized, memorable customer experiences.

How exactly we can help:

  • Centralize and analyze customer data: Implement a CDP and develop insights for richer customer profiling, segmentation, and predictions.

  • Map and optimize customer journeys: Identify touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities to deliver satisfying experiences.

  • Develop precise targeting strategies: Employ advanced segmentation and persona creation for relevant, focused campaigns.

  • Automate personalized communications: Set up intelligent workflows based on customer behavior and preferences.

  • Generate brand loyalty with meaningful activations: Design experiential events and interactions for emotional connection.

  • Navigate the cookieless future: Craft a first-party data strategy and adopt privacy-first marketing tactics.


Google Cloud


CDP Implementation and Management
Customer Experience and Journey Mapping
Segmentation and Persona Development
Marketing Automation
Consumer Insights & Activation
Acquisition, Retention and Loyalization
Omni-channel Marketing & CX
Cookieless strategy
Brand activations

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