E-commerce workshop & trainings

Elevate your team's E-commerce capabilities with our bespoke workshops and training sessions at salestube. Each session is designed to deliver crucial insights and practical skills, covering everything from initial discovery to platform-specific optimization. We tailor our offerings to meet the unique demands of your E-commerce project, ensuring that your team not only learns, but also applies new strategies effectively. Partner with us to transform your team into E-commerce experts, ready to tackle any challenge and drive your business forward.

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We trained over 2,500 participants.
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Global workshops engaging teams from 8 different countries.

How can we assist you with E-commerce training?

Discover the technical aspects of E-commerce with specialized training for developers.

Participate in interactive workshops designed to map out and understand complex business processes and customer interactions.

Learn how to evaluate and enhance your online store's user experience, ensuring a seamless, customer-friendly shopping journey.

Gain comprehensive knowledge on navigating and maximizing the features of your chosen E-commerce platform.

E-commerce Workshops

Discovery Phase

Kickstart your projects with sessions aimed at detecting specific business needs and mapping out the strategy.

RFI preparation

Receive guidance on preparing Request for Information (RFI) documents that clearly communicate your needs to potential vendors.

Event Storming sessions

Learn how to conduct successful meetings with your team to help them grasp complex business solutions and processes.

E-commerce Trainings

Platform user training

Get hands-on training on how to efficiently use and manage your E-commerce platform, focusing on daily operations, management tools, and best practices.

UX optimization, audits and training

Enhance your site’s user experience through audits that identify usability issues, followed by training on implementing UX improvements.

Technical training for developers

Deep dive into the technical aspects of your E-commerce platform, covering development practices, customization, and integration techniques.

Content optimization for SEO

Master strategies for creating and optimizing content to improve your E-commerce site's SEO.

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