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Salestube Workshops offer a range of courses and delivery formats to suit all needs. We offer a refreshing approach designed and run by experienced professionals who are practitioners in their field. They don't just talk about concepts, they present real-life benchmarks and share their wealth of experience. Join us and experience the difference in learning from true practitioners in the field of marketing!

How exactly we can help:

  • Strategic workshops: Comprehensive needs mapping. Supply set of recommendations and action plan for implementation: Customer Journey Mapping workshops; GA4 measurement strategy workshops; Data strategy workshops- optimise your data operations.

  • Technical trainings: Understand technical aspects for day-to-day activities and improve internal processes: GA4 training sessions (basic and advanced); Activate your 1st Party Data: Audiences and segments activation; Consent Mode workshops; Marketing Automation trainings (basic and advanced); Email marketing- complete workshop with best practices and lots of exercises.

We trained over 2,500 participants.
Delivered over 150 different training sessions and workshops.
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Global workshops engaging teams from 8 different countries.

What makes us different?

Top-notch Trainers

All our trainers are professional and enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do. They’re experts who love sharing their knowledge.

Global training offering

We offer a convenient and interactive learning experience: from in-depth workshops to webinars.


We have trained thousands of people, helping them learn more and achieve more. Every trainer participates in our program Train The Trainers which provides them practical preparation.

Bespoke content tailored to your needs

We can run our courses exclusively for your team. Thanks to this, you receive private & flexible learning.

Interactive learning

We believe in active participation. Whether it's an online session or an in-person workshop, we leverage interactive tools like Miro, Mural, Jamboard, Mentimeter to ensure engagement and collaboration.

Custom learning experiences

Salestube offers a range of courses and delivery formats to suit all needs - from private team sessions, to virtual learning and multi-day workshops for entire companies.

Post-workshop support

We also provide post-training support, which includes access to training materials, consultations with experts, and tools for monitoring and evaluating progress in implementing acquired knowledge.

About cooperation with us

Experts leading one of the most crucial projects for us - the implementation of GA360 in our Group. They are introducing a measurement system for over sixty websites of Wirtualna Polska Holding. However, the measurement system alone is not everything. The most important element is the ability to analyze the collected data, interpret them, and draw business conclusions from the numbers. In the first stage, over 50 editorial team members were trained. Through practical examples tailored to our business realities, the competencies of the editorial team were enhanced.
Michał Gawryszewski
Head of Research and Analysis Department, Grupa Wirtualna Polska


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