Omnichannel attribution

Strategically allocating resources across various marketing channels to maximize return on investment. Helping businesses to make informed decisions, resulting in increased ROI and improved overall marketing efficiency.

How exactly we can help:

  • Through MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling), valuable insights can be gained, budget allocation can be optimized, ROI can be calculated and strategies can be planned.

  • Ongoing analysis of marketing strategies using the latest data and insights is ensured through Continuous Marketing Mix Refinement.

  • Effective allocation of credit to marketing touchpoints is facilitated by data-driven attribution model.

  • Comparison of outcomes of specific factors or strategies against their absence or alternative approaches to determine their impact is enabled by incremental analysis.

Certifications & Partnerships

GCP Professional Machine Learning Engineer
GCP Professional Data Engineer
Vertex AI
Python 3


Marketing Mix Modelling
Continuous Marketing Mix Refinement
Attribution Modelling
Incremental Analysis

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