Google Analytics 360 (GA4 360)

Google Analytics 360 is a platform for collecting, measuring and analyzing data about visitors on websites and applications. It allows you to understand your audience and their behavior. GA360 also gives you access to unsampled reports, BigQuery Export or data-driven attribution.

How can we help you?

  • We will integrate multiple GA accounts into a single interface with better reporting and easier analysis.

  • We will analyze data from many sources, such as CRM systems, advertising, weather data, etc.

  • We will integrate GA360 with other GMP products and Salesforce.

  • We will show information about your users based on concrete data – without sampling.

  • We will implement GA360 at the highest level, utilizing its full potential and analytical power.

Why is GA360 important in your organization?

With GA360 you will understand your customers and examine how they engage with your content. You will learn what works and what doesn’t. The tool allows you to create personalized analysis and can be combined with other products. Most importantly, it enables access to unsampled reports.

What is included in our offer?

  • Access to the platform for an unlimited number of team members at selected levels

  • Access to the newsletter, which presents news related to GMP

  • Front-end support in line with Google’s SLA

  • Assistance with account activation

Additional services

  • Audit of current UA/GA4 accounts and recommendations for their further use based on client’s business and marketing needs, GA4 implementation – migration from UA to GA4

  • Implementation of consent mode, server-side tagging, data layers, data integration and activation, CLV analysis, econometric model building, enhanced ecommerce implementation, evaluation of website traffic performance through scoring, consumer journey analysis, dashboarding, reporting and much more

  • Workshops on GA, web & app analytics and more, tailored to specific client needs

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