Data Visualization

With our data visualization solutions, businesses can swiftly transform raw data from multiple tools and platforms into insights which leads to better business decisions.

How exactly we can help:

  • Media performance dashboards: Conducting real-time examination of media plan execution.

  • Performance and ecommerce dashboards: Monitoring investment effectiveness with real sales and margins.

  • UI Reporting Enrichment: Analyzing media effectiveness beyond User Interface reports and creating customized dashboards based on BQ GA4 export.

  • Retention and Loyalisation dashboards: Understanding customers and assessing customer-centric performance effectiveness.

  • Mockups design: Developing dashboards with answers for business questions and establishing a standard within the organization.

  • Scaling data usage: Adjusting infrastructure for increased data volume and data democratization in the company.

  • Business Dashboards: Integrating data (external and internal) to obtain an overall view of the business.


Performance Dashboards
GA4 Reporting Enrichment
Retention and Loyalization dashboards
Mockups Design
Business Dashboards

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