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We take a holistic approach, combining creative strategy with paid, owned and earned media initiatives to deliver cohesive and impactful social media performance. Our solutions support predictive analytics to anticipate market shifts and emerging trends.

How exactly we can help:

  • Integrated Paid Social Strategy: Holistic strategies using available social platforms dedicated for e-commerce and leads.

  • Advanced Audience Segmentation: 1st party data & audience segmentation from API integrations to Custom Audience Pixel.

  • OneSocial Approach: Paid & organic strategy for brands.

  • Influencers Impact: Performance-driven influencer marketing solutions.

  • Dynamic content optimization to drive performance across social platforms using catalog ads focused on ROI.

  • Applications: Increase downloads form App Store & Google Play with strategic and targeted social campaigns.

  • Hub and Spoke Model: For international brands and business with export ambitions.

  • Paid Social Audit: Optimize activities, incorporating Brand Lift and Conversion lift surveys for insights and KPI-driven success.

  • Social Paid Consulting: Maximize paid social investments and scaling business.

  • Paid Social Workshops & Training: Empower team with paid social knowledge and skills.

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Integrated Paid Social Strategy
OneSocial Approach
Influencers Impact
Paid Social
Paid Social Audit
Paid Social Workshops & Training
Paid Social Consulting


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