Headless E‑commerce with alokai

Alokai, as a PWA (Progressive Web App) front-end for e-commerce, promises a mobile-first approach that delivers lightning-fast load times, offline capabilities, and a seamless, app-like shopping experience. Our alokai expertise equips your business with the latest web technology, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve, whether upgrading your e-commerce platform or launching a new one.

One-stop-shop – all specialists in one place
Sales growth and automation-focused consulting
Collaboration – we work together with our clients as a team with shared goals

How can we assist you with alokai?

Guiding you through alokai's features to align with your business strategy during the Discovery phase.

Crafting engaging and intuitive shopping experiences tailored to your audience.

Leveraging analytics and built-in tools for targeted marketing campaigns and automation.

Refining your store for peak performance, adapting to evolving market trends and customer preferences.

When is alokai a good choice?

If you want to separate the front-end from the back-end on your platform alokai can function as a headless front-end, allowing for independent user interface development.

You plan to sell on multiple channels, such as a website and mobile apps alokai enables simultaneous management of multiple channels from a single place.

You plan to build an E‑commerce platform using the composable commerce approach alokai offers advanced APIs that enable integration with other tools and a flexible approach in selecting additional tools.

If you are using a headless CMS such as Contentful, Bloomreach, or Storyblok, alokai, thanks to its existing integrations, will be a good solution.

What to keep in mind when choosing alokai?

If your platform’s backend is not Commercetools, BigCommerce, SAP, or Magento, which have ready-made integrations, the implementation process could be longer than with these platforms.

Alokai is a tool for large companies, so for smaller projects, hiring a team for collaboration can be too costly.

Implementing and licensing alokai can be costly. If you have a limited budget, it’s worth considering an alternative solution.

If your E‑commerce needs are relatively simple and do not involve advanced features, alokai may offer too many capabilities that are not necessary.

About cooperation with us

We knew the agency as our trusted partner for implementing our product. We knew the team was reliable, proactive, and goal-oriented, as evident from their previous projects. Salestube powered by hmmh helped the company enhance organic traffic and SEO structure. The team was highly communicative, and our team was particularly impressed by the provider’s extensive experience and knowledge in migration.
Tomasz Anioł
Product Marketing Leader

What will you gain by partnering with us?

We have extensive experience in serving diverse clients, as part of our “one-stop shop” philosophy for e‑commerce, which we share at every stage of our cooperation. You can choose the model in which you want to collaborate with us: agency, technological, hybrid, or consulting, providing comprehensive support as if you had these in-house skills.

Which platforms do we integrate with alokai?

The choice of an e‑commerce platform depends on various factors, including the nature of your business, budget, and goals. It’s always worthwhile to consult with an expert to make an optimal selection.

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