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Bazar Pupila has a mission to offer the highest quality products that meet the individual needs of every dog and cat in Poland. By working closely with leading pet food and accessory suppliers, Bazar Pupila ensures that the products offered are safe, healthy and adapted to the diverse needs of pets. Their actions are based on the belief that every pet deserves a loving, healthy life.

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Increased conversion of the entire website after CRO optimization
Increase in homepage conversion after speed, loading and CRO optimization

Project challenges

Bazar Pupila, a start-up E-commerce business, needed to implement an E-commerce platform offering pet products, where they wanted to focus on both the pets and their owners. The choice of Shopware 6 technology was crucial in achieving this goal, due to its flexibility and advanced capabilities, which allowed them to create a unique and user-friendly interface. From the very beginning, the team at salestube powered by hmmh was responsible for the implementation of the E-commerce platform and overall maintenance and optimisation support. We focused on customising the UX and UI to make it easier for customers to navigate and streamline the shopping process, maximising profits and highlighting the uniqueness of the offering. Our work also included the optimisation of Ads campaigns and advanced analytics for product feed optimisation. This was a key aspect to reach a select group of customers and promote the platform in a competitive market.

Process automation at the start of the MVP

At the initial stage of the project, the priority for the client was to create a stable and cost-effective platform that would enable sales on Allegro and automate data exchange with the Optima ERP system. The solution identified during the Discovery Phase was to integrate Shopware 6 with the Baselinker platform, for which we used a proprietary plug-in developed by our team. This allowed us to:

  • automated parcel dispatch processes via various courier companies,

  • efficient management of Allegro auctions,

  • automatic dispatch of invoices,

  • automatic updating of stock levels.

The precise solution to the client's needs was achieved thanks to the Discovery phase, during which we established the business objectives and priorities for the performance of the platform. Thanks to the workshop, together with the client we made the best technological choice and set our sights on Shopware 6. This decision has ensured that Bazar Pupila can benefit from a scalable and flexible platform that is prepared for future growth, providing a great foundation for further brand growth.

Data analysis and UX optimization

Once the shop was up and running, we focused on continuous monitoring of campaign performance and careful analysis of competitor activity. This approach meant that we were able to identify key areas for improvement. Our next steps focused on maximizing the customization of the platform according to user expectations, using the data collected during the shop's operation.

We then moved on to UX optimization, which included key elements of the platform such as category pages, product pages, the shopping cart and checkout. Each of these changes was closely linked to our simultaneous marketing activities, which allowed us to systematically improve sales results.

Speed optimization

In response to the emerging challenges of declining mobile user engagement and low ROAS, we and Bazar Pupila focused on optimizing the mobile version of the site. We focused on improving the loading speed and responsiveness of the platform, using techniques such as image compression and lazy loading (late loading of selected components). In addition, we reduced the number of nodes in the DOM tree to speed up page loading without blocking rendering.

A key tool that supported the team's efforts was our other proprietary plugin for Shopware 6 - Imagify. It was designed to optimize media and thumbnails using the Imagify platform. With the plug-in, it was possible to significantly reduce the size of media in JPEG and PNG formats, which contributed to faster page loading. The changes made, combined with an improved user interface, were aimed not only at increasing the conversion rate but also at improving the experience of mobile users.

UX and UI optimization of the checkout

Optimizing the checkout process was a key part of our UX and UI improvement efforts on the Bazar Pupila platform. To speed up the process of finalizing a purchase, increase conversion, and reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts, we reduced the number of steps in the final shopping stage. We also decided to make it easier to select payment and delivery options. We have introduced clear messages informing customers about available payment methods and expected delivery times, allowing them to make an informed choice.

In addition, to increase the sense of security in customers placing an order, we implemented information about the safe shopping area. Reinforcing the transaction security message was key to assuring users that they were placing an order in a trustworthy place. The changes implemented, combined with monitoring and optimization, helped improve the user experience and increase the business efficiency of Bazar Pupila.

Summary of the project

All of the above-described activities led to increased sales on the Bazar Pupila platform. We observed fewer abandoned shopping carts and fewer abandoned sessions. Conversions increased and page loading improved significantly, as clearly demonstrated by the PageSpeed Insights tool provided by Google. Company's long-term strategy is now focused on maintaining the growth rate through continuous analysis and optimization, which will ensure continued growth and further success.

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