Data Analytics & Engineering

Empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize user experiences, and enhance the overall performance of their digital platforms.

How exactly we can help:

  • Data unification and integrations: Management of data pipeline orchestration and alignment within the organization.

  • Data strategy planning: Technology, tracking, and data architecture design to align with business goals (e.g., Strategy and tracking setup for detailed measurement of customer behaviors and media effectiveness).

  • Web Analytics: Tracking, analysis, and customization of BQ data from GA4 engineering for in-depth investigation.

  • Data enrichment: Integration of customer data across media tools and devices to enhance activation effectiveness.

  • Marketing Analytics: Reviewing performance across channels and devices for performance enhancement.

  • Dashboards and BI visualization: Implementation of automated dashboards for business reviews and decision-making.

  • Data Security and Compliance: Implementation of a solution ensuring high-level security for tracking and data storage while maintaining compliance with current guidelines and regulations.

Certifications & Partnerships

GMP Partner
Google Cloud Partner
Google Analytics Partner
Google Tag Manager Partner


Data Strategy Planning
Web Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Data integration and enrichment
Data Visualisation

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