Google Marketing Platform

We are one of the largest Google Marketing Platform technology partners in Central and Eastern Europe!

How exactly we can help:

  • We will provide the broadest access to Google Marketing Platform technology and experts in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • We will conduct an in-depth GMP audit and check the effectiveness of your existing activities (including the work of media partners).

  • We will train your team and show you how to effectively use the GMP ecosystem in your organization.

  • We will provide consulting and answer the most complex business questions.

  • We will design and implement a GMP use strategy tailored to your business and marketing goals.

  • We will provide full technical support for all our clients.

GMP collaboration models and consulting

Self Service model

Full access to GMP
Inhouse activities
ST Support

Agency Model

Full access to GMP
Activities in the
agency model
ST Support

Consulting GMP

Consulting on the
use of GMP

Access to GMP tools

Google Analytics 4

Display & Video 360

Campaign Manager 360


Search Ads 360

Looker Studio

Tag Manager 360

GMP trainings and workshops

Meet our GMP trainers

Knowledge from
the most qualified
industry experts

Training offer:


GMP Ebook

We are the authors