July 25 2023

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hmmh Poland and salestube create the largest one-stop-shop for e-commerce in CEE


Łukasz Białonoga

At hmmh, we create integrated sales platforms that focus on users’ needs, regardless of the time, location, and device they use. Thanks to the connection with salestube, the largest martech agency in the CEE region, we can also offer our clients access to the best experts in: marketing technologies, such as the Google Marketing Platform or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, media (SEM, SEO, performance, programmatic, paid social), and analytics (integration, modelling, data activation and business intelligence). 

The result of this strategic alliance is the development of Poland’s first and such a comprehensive one-stop-shop for the e‑commerce industry, i.e. end-to-end, integrated, and possibly automated process of creating, implementing, and running an e‑commerce project, starting from its design, development, integration with selected systems, through UX recommendations and adaptation of language platforms, to the preparation of product feeds and the development of a detailed communications strategy, aimed at achieving specific goals. All this as part of a single, fully integrated and consistent service on every level, which is the result of cooperation between hmmh Poland and salestube

Salestube powered by hmmh Poland

The beginning of last year brought dynamic and important changes in the history of our business. We had been operating as Software House since 2008, but at the beginning of 2021, we joined the hmmh family and Group One which significantly increased our access to modern technologies. We also fell into a whirlwind of rapid growth, in the positive sense of the term, which was further driven by market conditions, as in development of the e‑commerce industry. 

When it comes to one-stop-shop components for e‑commerce, it is the responsibility of hmmh Poland in cooperation with salestube to provide key technological support for all e‑commerce implementations. 

“The salestube concept powered by hmmh is a bold vision of integrating knowledge and competence to build the best user experience in the world of online shopping. Investment in the optimisation of each point of contact between the customer and the brand reduces the cost of sales and so we want to: 

  1. deepen expertise in the area of e‑commerce platforms by designing a martech architecture that will allow us to deepen our knowledge about users and their online and offline shopping preferences, the use of data in media purchasing and optimisation and creating creations, 

  2. build culture and processes as part of our organisation, which will ensure exchange of this knowledge and maximise the synergies of our competencies in implementing positive business changes for brands that cooperate with us.

“For both teams this co-operation, in addition to the issue of combining competencies and their maximum use, has another additional benefit. It is a synergy of years of experience and cooperation with many companies. Today, we work for nearly 50 e‑commerce clients whose revenues generate 10% of the value of the entire e‑commerce sector in Poland. They are constantly raising the bar for us and, by inviting us to participate in diverse projects in the field of technology, data, and media, they allow us to build our competitive advantage.”

How do we talk about ourselves?

Salestube, powered by hmmh, is a connected martech & e‑commerce agency: we build the competitive advantage of our clients, brands, and agencies by integrating, in one strategic and enforcement process, the following competences: technological (reselling and tool implementation), analytical, e‑commerce (building e‑commerce stores), and media (media digital).

What makes us stand out:

1. MARTECH – technologically agnostic

  • The first and, so far, the only partner in the field of Salesforce Marketing products

  • The first agency to implement Synerise products for Polish customers (since 2016)

  • 250+ Google Marketing Platform implementations in the last 3 years

  • The largest reseller of the Google Marketing Platform in CEE: 150 + customers (brands and agencies) in 17 markets

  • The only entity in CEE, and one of the eight worldwide, certified for all Google Marketing Platform Products

  • Nearly 50 internal tools designed to meet the business objectives of our customers

2. DATA & ANALYTICS: integration, modelling and activation in performance management

  • 30-person Intelligence Division team combining the competencies of data integration, modelling, and activation, based on the following platforms: Google Analytics 360, Adobe, Adform DMP, Tealium, Google Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and others

  • The first implementation partner of Google Ads Data Hub in CEE

  • Responsible for the largest implementation of GA 360 in CEE to date (68 websites of the Wirtualna Polska Group) 

  • As the first in CEE and the only agency in Poland, we are the official partner and reseller of the Google Surveys 360 tool (online surveys)

3. E COMMERCE – the strongest one-stop-shop e‑commerce agency in the region

  • We service 46 e‑commerce brands in the areas of: media, analytics, technology, development. Our clients generated over 10% of the value of the entire e‑commerce sector in PL in 2021

  • One of the largest and most experienced team in the field of digital marketing: 140 specialists (over 200 individual certificates from Google products, 2 out of 20 official programmatic DV360 trainers in the entire CEE region, 15 Blueprint certification by Facebook).

  • We have our own salestube affiliate network. 

  • We are the official partner of the e‑commerce Shopwear platform

  • We have our own price comparison engine, Price.Tube thanks to which we are an official Google CSS partner and our customers can buy clicks in the Google product search engine, at a 20% discount

Direction of development

1. MARTECH. Further development in the field of marketing technologies. Our goal is maximum automation and the use of technology to optimise the profits that we generate for our clients and for our business. Our specialisation in the martech business is not limited to co-operation with Big TECH (Google, Facebook, Tealium or Salesforce). Salestube is a technology hub for the whole of Group One, in which nearly 50 internal tools have been developed to optimise our work, improve the quality of planning, and execute communication activities. We believe that with growing market needs, in the area of access to digital experts, automation is able to balance the costs of acquiring them and optimise working time. In every expert team, be it SEM, SEO, or performance activities with partners, there are already tools built by us thanks to which we are a more effective partner.

2. GO GLOBAL. The development of the portfolio of clients from foreign markets and building the salestube brand recognition in the international arena. Already today, thanks to our expertise in the area of digital media, data, and technologies that use the universal language of numbers, salestube serves more than 150 customers in 23 markets. We are BMW’s HUB for biddable media (SEM/Paid social) in Europe.

Łukasz Białonoga

CEO, hmmh Poland and E‑commerce Managing Partner at salestube

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