July 27 2023

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SEM Tech School – Project Summary


Luiza Nowak

The first edition of SEM Tech School has come to an end. Our initiative is dedicated to those SEM specialists at salestube that want to expand their knowledge of JavaScript and Google Ads Script. After three months, it’s time to summarize the results and share plans for developing our upskilling program.

40 people submitted their applications to the program and in the end, up to ⅕ of our SEM team had finished it. Participants walked through the JavaScript programming course independently and attended eight workshops during which they learned Google Ads Scripts basics with our experts. They also had to modify a functioning script or create a part of their own code on their own.

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SEM Tech School results and plans for the future

The program lets our students gain competencies and knowledge on the basics of programming using JavaScript language as well as building Google Ads scripts and modifying the ones that already exist. Moreover, the attendees learned essential tools such as Query Builder, Query Migration Tool, and Query Validator. The result of our actions was building a universal Google Ads script that can be adjusted and developed by program participants if needed. What is more, attendees got to know two Google scripts ready to use, that they can change in the future.

“We are very happy with the results of the program and decided to continue it in an even more practical form. We will focus on specific projects and maintain the regularity of the meetings with our mentors. Ultimately we want to actively promote our solutions on platforms such as GitHub, which goes along with one of our bigger goals of sharing knowledge outside of the company. It’s also great to see so high results from the attendee satisfaction surveys – they give our workshops an average score of 4.93/5

Another stage of SEM Tech School starts in January.

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