July 25 2023

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What is SEM Tech School AKA how to boost TECH in MarTech


Luiza Nowak

SEM Tech School is a development program dedicated to the selected SEM specialists at salestube, who would like to widen their knowledge of JavaScript and Google Ads Script. What is waiting for the participants and why have we decided to launch such an initiative?

The TECH factor is an inseparable element of our work at salestube. To get even more understanding of digital marketing challenges and not only answer to the need of our customers but to help them build a market advantage, we need to constantly widen our competencies. This is our answer to the WHY question, so now let’s talk about HOW.

There are 4 steps of activation that are waiting for the SEM Tech School participants: 

  1. JavaScript online training, that they need to fulfill on their own. That way we can measure the level of their motivation and optimize our resources;

  2. Two months of learning with an expert, during which they will learn Google Ads Scripts and continue the JavaScript course that we need to write scripts;

  3. Ongoing support in a form of consultations with experts;

  4. Mentoring for those who want to continue their studies.

Our goal is to bring development closer to our employees both from the perspective of universal good practices, as well as focus on SEM-dedicated tools later on (Google Ads Script). After the training, all participants:

  • will be able to better understand how simple and intermediate script works, 

  • know, which actions are connected to various parts of the script components, 

  • will be able to adjust the script for their needs.

MarTech is not a buzzword for us, is a part of our job. We believe that the development of tech competencies is the best way to build teams of #smartcreatives – people that think out of the box and at the same time use data in their decision-making process. 

Eager to be a part of a project like that? Join our team: https://www.salestube.tech/career/

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