Measure and optimise TV in-flight for Born2be

Born2be is a Polish eÔÇĹcommerce and group of AZAGroup.

In the assortment of the store you can find clothes and footwear inspired by trends from the worldwide catwalks. The offer already includes over 75 thousand products.

  • 3 channels

  • 2 KPIs

  • 11 TV aggregations

  • 66 models

  • 2688 research time windows

  • 7231 TV spots


The main challenge was to measure the impact of TV on sessions and transactions to improve campaign effectiveness.

Know whatÔÇÖs working ÔÇô and whatÔÇÖs not ÔÇô by day, daypart, channel, spot duration, block code position, break position and programmes. Improve campaign effectiveness in-flight.


We developed a tool, where we implement minute sessions, sessions ended by transactions from different sources (organic, direct, SEM Brand) from GA360 and TV emissions (spot by spot) from Nielsen tool.

Using statistical method we calculate impact of each spot on our KPI.

This solution enables to check which day, daypart, channel, spot duration, position in block code, position in break and programmes is the most effective.

Results & benefits

Over 120 custom dimensions and 250 vies (for each service, each product line and one Roll-up).

Clear and coherent system, which helps to select most interesting content and to make better business decisions. Clear visualisations to show customer flows, purchase funnels, behaviour and drop-off points to make more informed data-led decisions.