Coherent measurement system for G2A – global digital marketplace which specializes in gaming products. Users can purchase/sell games and items used in games, such as skins for CS:GO;

Operating in over 100 countries all over the world

Avg unique users number on website per month is about 5-8m

Various sources of traffic

  • 100 markets

  • 19 mio users

  • 17 thousand products

  • 400 thousand sellers

  • 300 mio websites visits (year


Implement a comprehensive evaluation of all traffic sources.

The main goal of this implementation was to prepare the environment and technology to quantify the impact of all of the traffic sources (i.e. build attribution model(s))


We developed a solution where we use Tracking Ads in DCM but instead of click trackers as redirects Tracking Ads URLs are used as pixels deployed on the customer website (

This solution enables the client to implement tracking directly on his own site and makes them independent from their partners.

Results & benefits

High quality & transparency data

Customer-tailored attribution model

  • attribution results help in optimising media budget split on a monthly basis

  • data mining of conversion path insights

Access to raw data which increases our and client’s ability of making advanced analyses.