Hochland: Conversion path analysis Client

Company specializing in cheese production. Their offer includes cream melted cheese, cottage cheese, yellow cheese, mould cheese, cheeses for hot meals, salad and grilled cheese.The products have a unique taste and the highest quality.


When planning an advertising campaign for the Lottery run by Hochland, we wanted to optimise the budget allocation between the different digital channels in the best possible way.

This resulted in increased efficiency of digital channels in conversion – consumer registration in the lottery.


We analysed the conversion paths to gain a better understanding of the channels’ role and the frequency of their appearance on the path to register the code in the lottery.

The observations obtained in the first conversion path analysis were implemented in the next lottery campaign conducted for this client.

Results & benefits

As a result, with the campaign budget higher by 29%, reported codes from digital channels in the ongoing Lottery increased by 352%.

At the same time, we ensured a 71% reduction in the acquisition cost of the conversion (the registration form sent)