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„By downloading our e-book, you'll gain access to practical expertise from the wide spectrum of E-commerce. Whether you're just starting, expanding an advanced platform, or planning a migration to a new one, you'll find inspiration and a wealth of new knowledge. Discover which technologies are worth implementing in your business, how to attract and retain customers, and why tools like GA4 and Marketing Automation can become your assets. We share our knowledge because we're committed to supporting our clients' success every step of the way.”
Łukasz Białonoga
E-commerce Managing Partner at Salestube powered by hmmh

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  • You'll gain knowledge about the key aspects of pre-implementation analysis of E-commerce platforms. You'll learn about the questions worth knowing the answers to make informed decisions regarding technology selection and key functionalities.

  • You'll discover how to choose the technology that best fits your business expectations, considering crucial factors such as the number of products, customer types, and automation.

  • You'll understand what changes brought the cookieless future and whether it's worth investing in Marketing Automation.

  • You'll learn about the concept of Composable Commerce, which enables flexible and scalable content management.

  • You'll acquire valuable tips for advanced analytical capabilities Measurement Protocol for GA4.

...and much more!

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