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  • What is link building?

  • Topical links – what are they, why are they important?

  • How do we gather topical links?

  • What are the benefits of a good link building strategy?

What is link building?

More and more companies try to win the best position within Google search results. Positioning websites demands better knowledge of trends every year. Would you like your site to reach the best visibility in search results? Are you interested in gathering valuable links connected to your branch? Getting good links is one of the most important elements of today’s SEO strategies. So, what is link building? To put it simply – it’s gathering links that lead to our customers’ websites. And the additional benefits? There’s no link building without content marketing. Every link is accompanied by a text that creates an image of our clients as the experts in the branch. Therefore, by setting us a task of proper link building activities, you are not only able to achieve top positions in search results, but also to create the brand’s image as a trustworthy, strong, and independent authority.

Topical links – what are they, why are they important?

Have you ever wondered which link may be considered a topical one for your website? Topical links are references to our clients’ sites from portals or blogs connected topically. For a customer who is interested in gardening, a valuable link would be an article with a link on a floristic blog; for a client who’s interested in fashion, it would be a link from a fashion blog, etc. Why choosing proper topical links is so important? Because it is one of the main ranking factors, working for the benefits of our client. The more good topical links, the bigger the authority in the eyes of Google algorithms.

How do we gather topical links?

Link building is a process that contains several elements. When looking for sites suiting the profile of a certain customer and working on topical links from such sites, we use the best possible branch tools available. A helpful hand is given by tools such as: - Ahrefs, - Semstorm, - Majestic. Link-building activities include: evaluating key phrases, reviewing content published on-site, and the overall number of users who visit the site regularly. Building a vault of links is time-consuming, demanding knowledge and experience, but rewarding us with long-term benefits.

What are the benefits of a good link building strategy?

- Increased visibility in organic search results, - Guaranteed new visitors to the client’s website, - Improvement of the site’s position in natural search results, - Building brand’s image on the Internet.

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