April 7 2023

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AI in Paid Search - is artificial intelligence needed by SEM specialists’ service?


Ilona Zacharzewska

Automation and machine learning are an integral part of the marketing industry. It is inevitable for a marketing specialist to observe trends in AI, considering its potential and pace of development, Fortunately, effective use of AI tools not only saves time, but also helps to tackle tasks that initially surpass our abilities.

Interesting AI tools that can be tried for free:

Copy.AI is a writing tool dedicated to marketers.


  • Phrasee

Phrasee is a content creation platform that uses AI to analyze brand language and personalize ads based on knowledge about audiences.


  • Ocoya

Ocoya is a writing assistant that helps to create texts for Google Ads advertisements.


  • Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is an optimization tool that can be integrated with Google Ads.


  • Writesonic

Writesonic is a writing assistant specialized in digital marketing content.


Internet sensation – ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot for generating answers developed by OpenAI. Using the free version requires a few minutes’ registration on the website https://chat.openai.com/.

The platform was made available for global use in November 2022 and despite a few mishaps (link), it is now commonly used. The popularity of the tool stems from the quality of the generated answers, which are accurate and comprehensive. Therefore, ChatGPT is also being tested by a lot of specialists/experts in various business areas/industries.

How can a SEM specialist use ChatGPT?

  1. Campaign structure

Proposals for campaign structures, ideas, inspirations.

  1. Ad texts

Examples of ad texts and extensions – currently requiring correction in terms of character count.

  1. Keywords

Proposals for keywords related to a specific product/brand/business.

  1. Routine reports/messages

Emails to clients, responses to tedious questions, reports, comments.

  1. Research

Competition analysis, market overview, insights.

Microsoft forced the competition to act quickly. In the near future, there will be an influx of new AI tools that can revolutionize our daily work, not only helping with optimization but also requiring us to develop new competencies.

What competencies in the SEM field (and beyond) are worth developing in terms of working with AI tools?

  • Asking the right questions

    • Ensuring the highest quality of questions asked.

    • Creativity – if the answer is unsatisfactory, how can I modify my question or “dig” into it?

    • Originality – what question will put me one step ahead of the competition?

  • Accurate selection of information

    • The ability to filter out unproductive, low-value information

    • Providing a qualitative information funnel for clients who do not have knowledge and experience in SEM.

  • High level of expertise

    • A broad level of knowledge that will enable spotting errors and prevent ignoring important information or asking poorly formulated questions/biased questions (e.g. suggesting an answer).

    • Awareness of the limitations of the used tools and critical thinking.

    • The ability to organize and plan complex, complicated projects.

    • The ability to conduct valuable experiments (AI can assist us in generating specific ideas and their partial implementation).

  • Soft skills, i.a. building and maintaining high-quality relationships with clients

  • The ability to integrate AI with the analog world and present its functionality to clients

    • Efficient navigation on the AI-analog axis and explaining to clients the relationships that exist on this axis.

Paid Search vs. AI

Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail) believes that Google search engine will fall/cease to exist within the next two years. Many industry experts believe that the traditional search engine will survive, but it will face a drastic decline in popularity. What about advertising on platforms like ChatGPT? Currently, no official information has been released on this matter.


The development of AI provides us with great opportunities as it can be a source of inspiration and make the optimization of many routine tasks easier. However, due to the imperfection of available tools, expert verification is necessary. The dynamic pace of changes also requires the development of new competencies, which undoubtedly includes monitoring trends related to AI and their potential use.

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