July 26 2023

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It will be harder, but safer. New changes in advertising to teenagers on Meta Platforms


Paulina Legut

No more gender-based targeting of ads to teens. Young recipients will also gain more control over the marketing content that they can see on Meta’s subordinate platforms.

In a post on Meta’s company blog, we read that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has taken to heart information that has been coming for a long time from parents and child development experts. They pointed out that teenagers may have a problem understanding how their online activity affects advertising content targeted to them.

This means more changes for advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. Meta some time ago removed the option to target ads to teens based on their interests and activities. Starting in February, only age and location will be the information that can be used to display ads to them.

Meta also intends to focus on educating teens to help them understand how ads work and why they see them. In Facebook’s settings, it will be possible to select “See less” or “No preference”  to better control the types of ads. For example, if a teenager doesn’t want to see ads for TV shows or sports commercials often, he or she will  have the option to check that option.

Meta also leaves open the possibility for young users to self-hide some or all of the ads from a particular advertiser.

We will see how these changes will affect the shape and results of future advertising campaigns.

Source: Own Study

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