August 11 2023

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RichOne – say no to boring creatives!


Magdalena Wieteska

Advertising overkill makes Internet users tired. That’s why many advertisers are at their wits’ end trying to stand out from the crowd and endorse their brand, let alone incentivize users to interact with the displayed creatives.

What are rich media creatives?

Rich media ad creators are constantly appealing to and engaging consumers by means of out-of-the-box ideas and dynamics. It plays quite a role, especially in building brand awareness. Interactive formats of creatives can help your uniqueness shine through or creatively complement a standard ad display on mobile devices. What’s more, formats that users feel most in control of may encourage them to consume ad content and, in turn, make them click an ad banner and be redirected to a dedicated landing page.

Rich One Quiz Creative
– ad banner with quiz question

RichOne offering

Providers of this type of technology outdo one another in ideas and constantly improve their offers. Group One has recently jumped on the bandwagon and created the RichOne solution by means of the joined forces of salestube and Labcon. What it basically does is it allows clients, within their media budget, to run a selected rich media creative that is included in the campaign budget.

This offering comes with various formats, and it guarantees billing at a specified vCPM rate (depending on the budget and type of creative). For the time being, clients have access to 11 different creatives, and the range is still growing. Currently, you can prepare a carousel ad, a quiz, a game, a configurator or an in-banner video. You can also complete them with an advertising spot or a map pointing at particular destinations. These creatives can also change depending on weather conditions. A lot of them can have elements that will redirect you to separate landing pages.

Rich One Video&Carousel Creative
– from each carousel image you can be redirected to various webpages

Additional benefits

What is definitely an added-value benefit here is being able to use your own first party data lists, qualitative targeting offered by Google, as well as control over the frequency and reach of advertising thanks to the use of the same platform that other programmatic touchpoints use (e.g. display, video, YouTube) – all this at no extra charge.

As part of advertising based on the GMP or Adform platforms, it is also possible to report many metrics dedicated to rich media formats in almost real time, which on the one hand enables immediate optimization, and on the other hand provides a solid basis for more complex and advanced analyses.

What really matters is that campaigns using RichOne creatives have about 30% higher average ad interaction time than a standard display ad, as well as almost 3 times higher CTR rates. In addition, the creatives have a much longer average time of ad display, which proves that they actually appeal to consumers and the audience interacts with them.

Rich One Configurator Creative
– you can create own version of product as you like

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