April 3 2024

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Upgrade your Discovery campaigns to Demand Gen


Ilona Zacharzewska

Demand Gen is a new type of Google Ads campaigns that are supposed to replace Discovery campaigns. Make sure you do your homework because as of November, all Discovery campaigns on Google Ads accounts are going to be automatically converted into Demand Gen campaigns.


Demand Gen Ads are served on YouTube. You can find them on home page, in the YouTube ”Recommended” section, as well as the Discover tab on the Google page and under “Promotions” and “Social” in Gmail.

You can choose which type of Ads to create:

Source: Google Ads

You can’t combine graphic and video components in one ad. Both Ads can be served simultaneously within the same ad group, but we cannot use the rotation option.

Campaign settings

Demand Gen campaigns don’t support certain features like placement targeting, device targeting, or frequency capping. We also won’t be able to use a self-bid strategy.

Source: Google

Lookalike segments

As part of a Demand Gen campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to use a unique feature: lookalike segments. If you configure it suitably, It will allow you to reach audiences similar to those on your initial list. You can choose from one of three types of reach:

  1. Narrow (2,5%)

2. Balanced (5%)

3. Broad (10%)

Source: Google Ads

How will the change impact the existing campaigns

We have beta-tested the Demand Gen campaigns. We have found out that simply changing the campaign type does not impact its performance in any way. For example all historical data is retained and the bidding algorithms do not re-enter the learning mode. If you have experienced any fluctuations in Ads performance (unless they result from your additional activity), report it to your account manager or contact support.

You can beta test Demand Gen by filling out a relevant form (link).

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