How we became the leader in dietetic catering in the search engine in 1.5 years

This case study concerns actions for the SuperMenu brand which became number 1 in less than 1.5 years in the search engine results in the dietetic catering category!

When SuperMenu entered the market, the dietetic catering branch was at its mature stage. An intense rise in popularity of box diets started in 2015 mainly thanks to Body Chief, which achieved rapid growth and popularized the service. Maczfit joined the group of leaders in 2017.

It was at this time that many new smaller brands started growing in Poland, both local and nationwide, aspiring to gain more customers. In 2020, the service became popular, and the market was already saturated. SuperMenu started in April 2020 as a newly registered brand. Was it even possible to catch up with the leaders in such a competitive environment?


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Client’s opinion

„Kraków was not built in a day, but the SuperMenu results show that with good analysis, understanding of the category, customer searches, and a set of specific actions it is possible to get a leader’s position in such a competitive market. We’re happy to acknowledge that all the taken actions resulted in both great exposition of the SuperMenu brand in Google and measurable business benefits.”
Jacek Siekierczak
SuperMenu Marketing Director

Challenges and goals

  • Creating awareness – showing up in organic search results for as many key phrases concerning dietetic catering as possible. We aspired to achieve the leader’s position in the category, to promote valuable content and good behaviours.


  • Creating sales – delivering non-brand traffic from Google to the website while simultaneously rising the number of transactions and income from free search results. We wanted SuperMenu to be the answer to every query concerning dietetic catering, given to the search engine.


  • Image building – creating valuable content regarding healthful nutrition, popularization of a healthy society, and adapting balanced diets in a holistic approach. Our primary goal was to create healthy habits and propagate physical activity with expert-level content.


In the cooperation’s first month, we managed to build a proper strategy for SuperMenu. Within the strategy, we prepared crucial elements needed for the further cooperation steps, such as: complex SEO audit, competition analysis, content marketing strategy, keyword research, Google My Business.


We reinforced the SuperMenu blog with over a dozen expert-written articles every month. What we consider a challenge was the fact that the Internet is full of so-called experts and specialists who share contradictory and inconsistent information and opinions.

That’s why we decided to cooperate with a dietetics master with many years of experience and create a website that shows its users the proper way when it comes to diet, nutrition, and physical activity. When positioning, it was important to take some help from AI and natural language processing – such as Contadu and Surfer SEO. All the taken actions were following the E-A-T concept, which states that well-written content meets these three prerequisites: Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These factors are extremely important for YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) pages – they have a real impact on people’s health, finances, and general well-being.

When it comes to content on SuperMenu pages, all these factors were met. It let SuperMenu enter the leader league and maximally secure the brand from a potential decrease after future Google algorithms’ updates. SuperMenu now outruns Wikipedia (for the “diet” phrase) in the search results and places itself right after the NFZ (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia – National Health Fund) official page for the same phrase.

Results and benefits

In the summer of 2020, one single user’s visit that included on-site interactions was less than 11% – now it is 50%. Share of sales from the organic channel raised about 30%, and the share of sessions – by 400%. These data show that we managed to fulfill the last goal – to create sales. We outran the competition in 17 months. We’re number 1 in the search engine in the branch. In May 2021, all the contents were visible in high search results positions, and the number of phrases in TOP 3 and TOP 10 was constantly growing. Since August, we have had the highest visibility in the TOP 10 in the whole branch.

Successfully-led activities let us win a prestigious main award in the Golden Arrow contest (Digital Marketing – SEM category).

Google search engine and its results, both paid and free, are key channels of reaching out to people interested in a healthy lifestyle.

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