A revised approach to Media Mix optimization based on ongoing econometric modeling

We jointly implemented 360-campaigns with Travelist.pl, both in online and offline channels. All online channels: Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic Buying, Affiliation, Mailings, Display, Service Comparison portals were optimized based on last click model. The analysis of conversion paths and attribution indicated that this was not the best model for optimizing display and video activities.

Additionally, it was very difficult to compare the effectiveness of offline versus online activities. We needed to change our approach to data analysis, while understanding the client's needs and challenges in the e-commerce category, where optimization takes place in the here and now.


reduce spending on remarketing
increase in revenue
increase in average ROI of digital activities

Client’s opinion

„The analytical team at Salestube played a crucial role in unifying the naming convention, designing and constructiong our reports and dashboards. Their ongoing commitment ensures that these dashboards are not only accessible but also adaptable to accommodate changes or additions from new sources when needed. We appreciate the availability and expertise demonstrated by Salestube, making them an invaluable asset to our data-driven initiatives.”
Michał Węglewicz
Head of Digital Marketing in Travelist

Our approach

We are currently optimizing media activities based on econometric modeling, which is executed continuously, and its results are updated every 2 weeks, and then our experts implement modifications based on the results of the model.

We have started a continuous process of campaign optimization based on Media Mix Modeling (MMM) instead of the traditional last click model or other attribution models that only consider online.

Key changes include:

  1. Reallocating marketing budgets to the best performing channels and ads.

  2. Removing some of the largest publishers, as real ROI presented a negative trend (going down even to affiliate publishers in the analysis).

  3. We have planned many new tests on campaigns from the top of the funnel.

  4. We have adjusted TV campaign plans to the MMM results, which resulted in a significant change in station split and broadcast days (complete exclusion of weekends) and much more.

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