April 2 2024

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Automation in Paid Social


Piotr Zadrąg

Data analysis is an integral part of the work done by paid social specialists daily. In addition to the standard reports that advertising dashboards offer, many companies offer software for the extraction of data that is later visualized in personalized dashboards. However, despite the obvious advantages, such solutions also have several disadvantages. One of the key issues with such programs is that we can’t be sure if our client’s personal information is secure, and the personalization options often don’t meet our needs.

From the agency’s perspective, data security and meeting client’s expectations are top priorities. Therefore, to be able to visualize data and present it transparently to the client, as part of the paid social department, we offer a custom script that significantly reduces the number of locations in which data may be stolen and additionally, we provide customized solutions, regardless of the scale of the project.

How does the script work?

It works through two connections: with the Facebook API and with Google Sheets. By combining these elements, we are able to retrieve data in real time. From the Meta panel and post it to Google Sheets. The tool downloads the changes that have taken place in the advertising panel. In real-time, and sends an update to the spreadsheet once a day (or more frequently, depending on your needs). So that the data is the same as in the panel. The range of personalization options that such a solution offers is truly numerous. In addition to the standard items such as money spent from the campaign budget and ad impressions or clicks. We are also able to download more advanced metrics that are available in the advertising panel. However, to extract the data we care about, the tool is equipped with a filter. That allows us to obtain the desired results by using a specific keyword. There are also no concerns about past data when starting a partnership. The tool allows historical data to be extracted up to a year back.

The script also allows specialists to analyze data on three levels:

  • Campaigns

  • Ad sets

  • Ads

This solution gives them amazing insight. The personalization of the downloaded data and the ability to adjust it results in more accurate analysis and faster and safer extraction of data for reports sent to clients. Furthermore, we combine the script with a data analysis tool, Looker Studio, to fully benefit from the potential this tool offers.

Interactive dashboards right at your fingertips

Looker Studio is undoubtedly one of the most popular free data visualization tools. Not only does it allow for a clearer presentation of data. It also gives us the ability to create interactive dashboards that are easy to read for both, professionals and clients.

The script uses an API to download data into Google Sheets, we can connect it with Looker Studio. To subsequently prepare a personalized summary that presents the results of the campaigns in real-time. Combined with suitably prepared data uploaded using our custom tool, Looker Studio allows specialists to create a dashboard that is not only responsive to a specialist’s needs but also meets the requirements that are specified in the brief.

Such a solution can be effective for:

  • Continuous communication that involves promoting posts across Meta’s channels

  • Clients with low budgets who are active only on Facebook and/or Instagram

  • Ongoing communication

How do we benefit from using the tool?

Successful optimization of social media ads requires appropriate and very thorough analysis of the already collected data. Unfortunately, this data is often presented in an unattractive form, which makes it difficult to draw valuable conclusions. For this reason, the integration of a script that automatically pulls in data via an API into interactive dashboards helps not only to save time on data pulling. It also helps to make it easier to look at campaign results. Moreover, such visualization of data pulled in real-time can be an added value for the client, who will have a great view of the results of the campaign and, consequently, as a part of the company, will be able to make more informed business decisions.

To summarize, this tool enables a more visually appealing and clearer presentation of data. Reduces the time an agency needs to prepare its report. What is more, it improves the quality of these reports and rids the unnecessary transfer of data to third-party companies. What significantly decreases the risk of data leakage.

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