Store re-platforming for Animonda

Animonda, a store offering pet products and accessories, needed to create a modern E-commerce platform. The goal was to provide an advanced, intuitive shopping environment specifically tailored to the pet industry. The project was based on Shopware 6, aiming to provide customers with easy access to a wide range of pet products, with the ability to easily compare different options.

Project challenges

The implementation of the project for the Animonda store posed a number of challenges that required innovative solutions and close cooperation between teams. One of the main challenges was to create features that would allow easy browsing of products with their variants and specifications directly from the product block. The need to rethink assortment presentation and design custom navigation required an innovative approach to modernize the store and make it more intuitive for users.

Another challenge was the integration of different payment systems, which was crucial for serving international customers. Finding a solution that would allow seamless transactions in different currencies and accommodate global payment methods was an important part of the project. This aspect required special attention and creativity to ensure seamless service to customers around the world.

Strategy and approach

The re-platforming project for Animonda was a joint effort of an international Polish-German team that used Shopware 6 technology to create a modern E-commerce platform.

The main goal was not only to improve the appearance and functionality of the store, but most importantly to provide intuitive navigation and adaptation to mobile devices through a “mobile first” approach. The solutions introduced, such as advanced categorization and filtering functions, enabled customers to more easily find and recognize products from different manufacturers, which significantly improved the shopping experience.

Key functionalities and integrations

The project focused on the presentation and selection of product variants, which was achieved through a custom variant display, allowing customers to add the selected variant to the shopping cart directly from the product list. This innovative feature, along with the introduction of a horizontal auction mode, greatly facilitated the shopping process.

In addition, UX and UI adaptation based on prototype studies with the target audience as well as the use of a video at the top of the page, further enhanced the attractiveness and usability of the store. The development of custom integration modules and cooperation with payment providers solved problems related to payment integration that occurred in the previous system. Real-time inventory synchronization provided up-to-date information on product availability. Following the implementation of these changes, the site is constantly monitored and the team is engaged in its further development, ensuring that the platform is constantly adapted to changing market needs and customer expectations.

Results of our cooperation

Through re-platforming, the E-Commerce site underwent a significant transformation, resulting in improved navigation and easier search for products and their variants. Optimized browsing features significantly improved users' shopping experience, resulting in increased user satisfaction and loyalty. The platform is stable for desktop use and shopping from mobile devices, which is crucial in an era dominated by smartphones. The refreshed and modern look of the interface, enhanced with a promotional video in the header, increased the visual appeal of the site and emphasized its modernity. This has provided the company with a tool that not only attracts the attention of users, but also enables easy adaptation to market changes, ensuring long-term usability and competitiveness in the market.

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