Intuitive CRM and marketing automation for Corega

Corega is a well-known brand specializing in denture care products. The company provides high-quality solutions that help denture wearers with daily care and comfort. Corega recognized the need to more effectively collect data from customers interested in promotional samples in order to better tailor its marketing campaigns and increase its reach in the Romanian market. Accordingly, the company decided to implement a state-of-the-art CRM system to collect, manage and analyze customer data through a dedicated landing page.

Goals of the collaboration

The main objectives of the cooperation with Corega included several key aspects:

  • CRM system implementation: The main goal was to implement a state-of-the-art CRM system to effectively manage customer data.

  • Collection of data from customers: Through a dedicated landing page designed for the Romanian market, the system was to collect data from customers interested in promotional samples.

  • Managing promotional codes and information: The CRM system was to enable the management of promotional codes and information obtained through forms on the site, allowing for better personalization and effectiveness of marketing activities.

The implementation of these solutions was intended to streamline data collection and management processes, improve the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, and increase customer satisfaction through better tailored offers.

Project challenges

During the project, we encountered several key challenges that had a significant impact on the shape and functionality of the CRM system being implemented.

One of the main challenges was the integration of the customer relationship management system with a dedicated landing page intended for the Romanian market. The site had to be seamlessly connected to the system to ensure coherent collection and transfer of customer data. Another key aspect was to provide easy management of customer data. The system had to be intuitive and functional to allow administrators to process information quickly and efficiently, and to easily filter and export data obtained through forms on the site.

Another challenge was to automate the management of promotional codes. The system had to enable the generation, tracking and filtering of promo codes so that administrators could easily manage promotions and monitor their effectiveness.

Strategy and approach

Our strategy was based on several crucial stages to ensure the success of the project. The first step was UX and UI design to create an intuitive and attractive interface for users. We decided to choose WordPress technology because of its automation capabilities, budget accessibility and intuitive admin panel, which was key for our client.

In the implementation process, we focused on creating dedicated functionalities in the administration panel. We created mechanisms for generating, tracking and filtering promotional codes, which made managing promotions much easier. Promotional codes can be filtered by source, which is important because users can get codes on their own by signing up after seeing an ad, or receive them from cooperating companies, such as dentists recommending Corega products.

In addition, the system was equipped with functions for filtering and exporting data from forms, which allowed for easy processing and analysis of information obtained from customers. As a result, administrators were able to manage data quickly and efficiently, helping to improve the efficiency of marketing and operational activities.

Implemented integrations

To provide end-to-end support and process automation, we implemented key integrations with marketing and communication tools. The CRM system was integrated with SalesManago, which enabled the automation of marketing activities. With this integration, it was possible to create personalized marketing campaigns, segment customers and monitor the effectiveness of promotional activities.

In addition, we implemented an integration with the SMS API system, which allowed us to effectively handle SMS messages. This integration made it possible to send automatic SMS notifications to customers, informing them of available promotions, order status and other important information. Thanks to these integrations, Corega was able to manage customer communications more effectively and improve their experience of interacting with the brand.

Results of cooperation

As a result of our collaboration with Corega, we were able to implement a stable and functional platform, customized in terms of UX and UI. The new CRM system provides easy access to intuitive tools that enable administrators to effectively manage customer data and promotional codes. Integration with marketing tools such as SalesManago and the SMS API system has significantly improved the user experience. The automation of marketing and communication processes has allowed faster and more personalized interaction with customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and engagement. Thanks to these solutions, Corega can now better manage its promotional campaigns and more effectively reach its target audience in the Romanian market.

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