UX & UI Audits

Our UX/UI audits provide a deep dive into your existing digital interfaces, identifying usability issues, design inconsistencies, and areas for improvement. By evaluating your platforms against best practices and user expectations, we pinpoint exactly what's working and what's not.

How exactly we can help:

  • Utilizing analytics and user feedback to understand how visitors interact with your site, identifying what attracts, confuses, or repels them.

  • Analyzing your website's UX and UI to pinpoint friction points, design inconsistencies, and areas that hinder user engagement.

  • Comparing your UX and UI against industry standards and competitors to highlight opportunities for improvement.

  • Offering guidance and support for implementing audit recommendations to ensure improvements are effectively realized.


UX & UI Consulting
UX & UI Optimization

About cooperation with us

We highly value their communication and their ability to work with the entire team. Developers and testers actively participated in meetings, giving me a better understanding of the project and the process.
Piotr Baran
E‑Commerce Manager

What will you gain by partnering with us?

We have extensive experience in serving diverse clients, as part of our “one-stop shop” philosophy for e‑commerce, which we share at every stage of our cooperation. You can choose the model in which you want to collaborate with us: agency, technological, hybrid, or consulting, providing comprehensive support as if you had these in-house skills.

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